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Mastering Multimeters

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This is where we look at the differences between auto range and manual range Multimeters and their functionalities. You’ll discover how to use a Multimeter in the following situations: Testing for continuity; resistance to earth testing; polarity testing; testing for short circuits; and testing for resistance. You will also learn about testing for milliamps.

Over 120 minutes of Video Training, Questions and Answers to reinforce your learning.

To enhance your learning further, you can download the Recap File that has images from the videos plus additional information. You can make your own notes on this, in preparation for the questions to answer after you’ve watched the videos.

You will be learning directly from Master Coach Tony Morgan who has over 30 years’ experience in the heating industry. And he has one of the highest Google reviews in the UK for boiler repair and training skills.

And don’t forget, on completion of this course you get a certificate to show off to your colleagues and customers!

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