About Us

Hi Everyone,

I’m Tony Morgan, known as Master Coach Tony Morgan.

In 1999 I took one of the biggest leaps in my life and ventured into the world of corporate business and became Director of A+R Boiler Repair and Central Heating Experts. Originally based in Manchester, A+R now serves Customers throughout England. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

I also own the Engineer Team Network Limited, founded in early 2003, which specialises in Service Contracts, serving both Corporate and Domestic Customers within Greater Manchester, Lancashire and the Midlands.

Some of my proudest achievements are the consistent reviews placed on Google.  My motivation and passion is to provide the best customer experience and so it’s great to read my customer feedback. I have over 1,000 Customer Reviews with an average rating of 4.9.

On one of my YouTube Channels – A+R Central Heating – I post many free hints and tips on Gas and Electric Boiler Repairs, helping both Customers and Engineers. My followers continue to grow weekly, and this is very exciting.

2016: I proudly launched the A+R Gas Portfolio Programme, successfully supporting newly qualified Engineers in their quest to obtain the necessary evidence for their ACS qualification. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

2018: I launched The Masterful Engineer Programme. This is classroom-based with Onsite Coaching and development and involves a unique coaching style that allows accelerated training over a much shorter period of time. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

2020: During the COVID19 pandemic, wondering how I may help the Boiler Repair Industry further, I developed and launched my Online Boiler Repair business under the brand of Master The Basics. This again was a proud moment, as there really isn’t anything in the market like this.

I am determined to provide new Engineers with the skills they require to hit the ground running from a Holistic point of view, supporting their knowledge in Fault Finding, Gas and Electric Boiler Repair, Wow!-Factor Customer Service and, last but not least, Confidence and Self-Belief. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

2021: This year sees me further supporting the Industry, sharing my knowledge and expertise with others, launching an additional bespoke and unique website for New Engineers, Boiler Installers as well as Experienced Engineers.

This is such an exciting time, as there are 8 courses available for you to choose from.

The Boiler Repair Library is a new addition to my brand where you can watch numerous weekly updated videos on all types of boiler repairs for a small subscription. These videos are all on-the-job repairs, filmed by me. This platform is not available on YouTube.

Raising the Industry standards, I will be shortly launching Holistic Boiler Repair Learning.

This evolving Programme covers:

  • How to learn and retain information
  • Holistic Platform to a Greater Life
  • How to remember Boiler Repair Sequences

And there will be even more to come as it develops.

The techniques and concepts will be mind-blowing.

It will enhance your training and development experience to another level.

You will become a more balanced person in and out of the work environment with an open mindset, ready to serve your customers to a far superior level with the financial rewards to match. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP.

Master Coach Tony Morgan is here to help you on your exciting journey.

I’ve never met a harder working, honest, kind, dedicated person than you. I’m proud to announce you deserve an MBE from the Boiler Breakdown Industry for Excellence in Service. And also for the Training you do, sharing potential for growth and greatness with the real people of the world. Robert Birtley

Coach Tony Morgan
Expert Trainer